Speaker Biographies

Dallas Adams

Dallas Adams earned his MSSW from the University of Texas  in 1981. He provided mental health services to children and adults in private and public settings since then.  He has watched treatment and understanding of mental illness and the impact of trauma broaden and deepen.  As part of that growth, the importance of biology and body / mind treatment has grown.  This led him to become a certified facilitator of Trauma Center – Trauma Sensitive Yoga in 2015 as a means of treating trauma survivors. His  work with IPV has also included 5 years of co-facilitating a batterer’s intervention program.


Dr. Mohammed Baobaid

Mohammed Baobaid, PhD, earned his doctoral degree from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Erlangen Nurnberg in Germany and is currently the executive director and founder of the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI) in Canada. Dr. Baobaid has been instrumental in initiating research elements in works related to violence prevention including family violence and youth violence. For 30 years he has conducted research to identify the challenges of working with victims of family violence and youth violence in Yemen and Canada. His research resulted in developing culturally integrative family violence prevention and intervention strategies.


Tina Buikema

Tina Buikema is the Provincial Program Coordinator with Sagesse. Her role there revolves around building capacity with provincial partners so that they can offer the Peer Support Programs: Finding our Voices (a six-week program that focuses on issues related to self-esteem) and Growth Circle (a 14-week program that delves into the experience of domestic violence). Tina has a passion for community development and has experience working with various community initiatives throughout Calgary and the province. Tina is committed, and honoured, to use her experience towards breaking the cycle of violence in Alberta.


Linda Chamberlain

Scientist, author, professor, dog musher, and founder of the Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project, Dr. Linda Chamberlain is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and advocate on domestic violence, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), brain development and trauma, and the amazing adolescent brain.  She is known for her abilities to translate science into practical strategies with diverse audiences to convey a message of hope and healing.  A current focus of her work is on brain-based strategies to address how stress and trauma are stored in the body.  Certified in brain-body practices to promote self-regulation, resilience and well-being, she demonstrates simple skills that can be taught to children, adolescents and families.   Dr. Chamberlain teaches at the University of Alaska and earned public health degrees from Yale School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University.  The author of numerous national curricula and the Amazing Brain Series, she recently released a toolkit on Addressing the Intersections Between Domestic Violence and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Recognition for her work includes a Scientist Scholar with the Fulbright Arctic Initiative, the National Kellogg Leadership Fellowship, an Alaska Women of Achievement Award and the Inaugural Scattergood Foundation Scholar on Child Behavioral Health.  Living on a rural homestead with her husband and sled dogs outside of Homer, Alaska, she has developed an advocacy leadership model based on her work with communities and her experiences in the wilderness with her dog team.


Marcus Cheung

Marcus is a counselor and the Coordinator of the Male Domestic Abuse Outreach Program Coordinator at the Calgary Counselling Centre. He holds Master of Social Work and is a Registered Social Worker in Alberta. Marcus has worked in many different educational roles and has extensive experience in counselling men and boys and other vulnerable populations, including male victims of intimate partner violence, immigrant males, and law enforcement and military populations who are affected by PTSD and trauma. In his current role Marcus continues to provide community presentations to help educate and inform our community on domestic violence towards men.


Jill Cory

Jill Cory is an author, speaker and trainer. She has committed her career to supporting women with experiences of abuse and advocating for systemic changes. For 19 years at BC Women’s Hospital, Jill lead research to understand the links between woman abuse, substance use and mental health concerns. The research exposed multiple barriers and gaps in services and pointed to the ‘harms of help’ women encounter as they seek support for themselves and their children. Her book “When Love Hurts” is used by women’s organizations across North America and is a tool for women to understand abuse and find healing.


Pamela Cross

Pamela Cross is a feminist lawyer; a well-known respected expert on violence against women and the law.

Pamela has worked with the Canadian Council of Muslim Women where she co-authored “Muslim and Canadian Family Laws: A Comparative Primer” and authored “Violence Against Women: Health and Justice for Canadian Women.”

Pamela is the Legal Director of Luke’s Place in Durham Region and lead trainer for Ontario’s Family Court Support Workers, who assist abused women in family court. She has provided domestic violence training for Legal Aid Ontario staff, clinics and lawyers.

She is a member of Ontario’s Violence Against Women Roundtable.


Solomiya Draga

Miya Draga is currently completing her Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Alberta. After working with non-profit organizations for several years, she developed a keen interest in researching how non-profits function and how they impact their communities. She is currently interested in how organizations collect and manage their data, and what kind of information they utilize to inform their practice. After completing her Master’s degree, Miya plans to move on to a PhD and continue working with the non-profit sector in the future.


Barry Goldstein

Barry Goldstein is an internationally known domestic violence author, speaker and advocate. He has worked in the movement since 1983. He is the author or editor of five books including Scared to Leave Afraid to Stay; Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody (two volumes); Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor and The Quincy Solution: Stop Domestic Violence and Save $500 billion. He has been an instructor and now also supervisor in a NY Model Batterer Program since 1999. Barry is Co-Chair of the NOMAS Child Custody Task Group. He is the author of the Safe Child Act which would fix the broken custody court system.


Kenzie Gordon

Kenzie is a Master’s student in Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta. Drawing on her experience as a social worker in frontline domestic violence prevention, her research examines issues of domestic and sexual violence in video games, the capacity of video games to act as violence prevention tools, and pedagogical applications of games in learning about relationships and gender-based violence.


Lynn Griffin

Lynn Griffin has worked in many settings: inpatient services, outpatient services, residential services and in-home services as well as working directly with family systems. She has worked cross-culturally, and, for the majority of her career, with the economically disadvantaged in rural settings in several states in the US. During her career, Ms. Griffin has worked directly with victims of intimate partner violence, their children, and the perpetrators of intimate partner violence. Her clinical expertise in is psychological trauma, which. She has over 10 years of advanced training and supervision in the area of trauma treatment.


Yasmin Hussain

Yasmin Hussain is Violence Prevention Manager at the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (MRCSSI). Yasmin develops, manages and carries out public education, community capacity building and community development to promote healthy relationships, prevent violence, and foster community and family safety. Her work is grounded within an intersectional feminist and participatory, creative and strengths-based community development framework.

She is the recipient of the Women Who Inspire Award from the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, the John Robinson Innovation Award from the London Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse, and the Attorney General’s Victim Services Award of Distinction.


Dr. Sandy Jung

Dr. Sandy Jung is an Associate Professor of Psychology at MacEwan University.  She is an active researcher and educator who had published research on sexual and violent offenders and criminal justice decision-making.  Prior to her current academic position, she was employed as a forensic psychologist at an outpatient forensic clinic and has provided expert testimony on cases related to sexual offending and criminal responsibility. She serves on various organizations, including the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, Criminal Justice Section of the Canadian Psychological Association, and Editorial Board member for Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment.


Garima Khatri

Garima is a Masters of Social Work candidate at the University of Calgary and has a background in Medicine. She recently received field training in geriatric psychiatry with Covenant Health for which she was awarded a Recognition of Excellence Award from the U of C.

  • Currently the Project Coordinator of the Immigrant Seniors Project
  • Co-Chair of the Taking Action Against Elder Abuse Coordinated Community Response Grant Coordinator Network
  • She is passionate about the many communities she has lived in. She recently brought together interest of Hinduism, passion for working with youth, and interest in science to create and co-found a unique trip which utilizes space sciences to explain Hindu faith traditions
  • 1st generation Indo-Canadian woman
  • fluent in 3 languages


Kendra Kincade

Speaker, philanthropist, air traffic controller, there is no doubt that Global Woman of Vision award winner, Kendra Kincade is a true inspiration, a beautiful reminder to us all that it is possible to intentionally change your life and live your dreams.

Overcoming a challenging early life, a single mother raising 4 children, Kendra discovered quite by accident that the pathway to her own salvation lay in helping others find theirs.

She embarked upon her quest to make a difference, including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity. Soon, she was heading up her own nonprofit organizations, Changing Stories and Elevate Aviation.


Erin Kuri

Erin Kuri holds a Masters degree in Creative Arts Therapies and is currently undergoing a doctoral degree in Social Work and Gender Studies-Feminist Research.  She is a Registered Psychotherapist and Registered Art Therapist in the province of Ontario.  She has 10 years of clinical experience within community agency settings in the areas of historical and recent sexual assault, victim support through the criminal justice system and family court, trauma, attachment/parenting, at-risk youth, young mothers, infant mental health, and clinical supervision.


Karin Linschoten

Karin has worked in Hawaii with indigenous people and other marginalized families providing therapy and drug treatment. Karin came to Canada in 2001 and first worked with the Immigrant Mental Health Project as Mental Health Consultant. Since 2002 she works with EMCN, where she is Clinical Director and MCHB as teamlead for the Therapists. She has led Personal Growth workshops in Europe, Asia, South and North America. From 2012-2016 she was the representative for Canada on the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims


Amy Munroe

Amy Munroe, RSW is the Peer Support Program Lead at Sagesse, a Calgary based not for profit agency that empowers organizations, individuals and communities to break the cycle of violence. Amy completed her Diploma in Social Work at Mount Royal University in Calgary AB and previously completed a Diploma in Child and Youth Care Counsellor at Mount Royal University. Through the course of her academics, Amy found her passion working with women and realizing the power of working within the peer support model. Amy is dedicated to the mission of ending domestic violence in Alberta through her work with Sagesse.


Dr. Linda Olson

Alongside 3 decades of clinical work with those suffering from trauma – particularly Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) – Dr. Olson has also spent 18 years as a CDV victim advocate. She also specializes in PTSD and grief and loss.

Dr. Olson grew up with CDV, repeating the cycle and also losing two adult sisters to circumstances perpetuated by CDV. This inspired her to dedicate her life to helping those affected overcome the profound and often lifelong impact.

Dr. Olson has a Master’s in Social Work, as well as a Master of Arts and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.


Line Perron

Line Perron is the Founder and Executive Director of Early Childhood Development Support Services, a capacity building organization that supports professionals who work in relationship based practiced with children, youth and families. Some of her most recent project based work includes consulting on the Community Mental Health Action Plan, leading the Alberta Hub for FIND (Filming Interactions for Nurturing Development) and her work on the Early Child Development Mapping Project as the Provincial Community Development and Mobilization Manager from 2009 – 2015. Line holds a degree in Psychology, a Masters in Family Ecology and Practice, an Indigenous Early Childhood Development Leadership and Management Certificate from the University of Victoria and is a certified Community and Workplace Traumatologist. On a personal note she has three grown children and a brand new grandson.


Tony Porter

Tony Porter is an author, educator and activist working to advance social justice issues.  As the CEO of A CALL TO MEN™, Tony is internationally recognized for his efforts to prevent violence against women while promoting a healthy, respectful manhood.  He is a leading voice on issues of manhood, male socialization and its intersection with violence, and preventing violence against all women and girls. Tony is an adviser to the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB, providing policy consultation and facilitating violence prevention and healthy manhood training.   Tony is the author of “Breaking Out of the Man Box™”.


Pat Power

Pat Power is a registered Social Worker:

  • Diploma in Social Work
  • Certificate in Gerontology
  • 35 years with City of Edmonton as a social worker working with older adult populations one on one, in groups and in community development role.
  • Developed and now facilitates a group for seniors called “Relationships With Your Adult Children”
  • Member of Seniors Protection Partnership since ’08
  • As Community Development Social Worker works in partnership with other agencies to assess and fill gaps in elder abuse services.


Anna Radev

Ms. Radev oversees operations at the CDV Association and also leads the development and deployment of its multifaceted programs and services. She brings 18 years of broad-ranging experience across for-profit and nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on programs and services, marketing communications, and strategic partnerships at highly-regarded nonprofits focused on child development and youth crisis prevention.

Ms. Radev is the writer and editor of a book that speaks directly to young people about high-risk behaviors, delivering the expertise of 25 distinguished experts in an age-appropriate way. Ms. Radev holds two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s of Public and International Affairs.


Shawn Skillin

Shawn D. Skillin is an attorney, mediator trainer and consultant at the High Conflict Institute.  Shawn has a Family Law mediation and collaborative divorce practice in San Diego and is a founding partner of the Family Resolution Institute. She has presented High-Conflict management methods at the University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego Christian College, Marine Air Station at Camp Pendleton and Camp Lejeune, National Judicial Council, Bar Associations, National conferences, and many others. Shawn earned her J.D. from the University of San Diego.


Kathy Tuccaro

Author, Motivational Speaker and Heavy Equipment Operator. Kathy was formerly a nurse and worked on various Surgical/Medical/Geriatrics units for 13 years. She is also a Certified Occupational Health & Safety Officer, and drives a 385+ tonne 797F Caterpillar Truck as well as a 208,000 L water truck up in the Northern Alberta Oil Sands. She has always believed in dreaming bigger than the average population, and today she has proved it literally by driving “THE BIGGEST TRUCK IN THE WORLD!” Her message of courage, strength and hope will inspire you to discover your own inner power and overcome any obstacles on your path.


Karen Vadino

Karen Vadino is a Motivational Speaker, Humorist, Trainer and Consultant. In her thirty-plus years as a human service professional, most of Karen’s experience has been in the field of chemical dependency, both as a licensed clinician and as a certified prevention specialist. She has considerable experience working with children and families, having served as a clinician and supervisor in Children’s Services group homes and a Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. Karen also has been a part-time instructor in Social Work, Sociology, Juvenile Justice and Human Development at Youngstown State University, Penn State University and Westminster College.

Karen draws from her extensive and varied experience to form the foundation of her unique and distinctively humorous approach to life and work. For the past twenty years, she has been a nationally recognized speaker and trainer sharing her inimitable insights with thousands of people – adults and youth – each year. Karen has been described as “one of those rare people who can make you laugh and cry in the same moment”.

Regardless of the topic, Karen’s workshops and presentations are humorous in nature, reflecting her own insightful approach to dealing with life’s daily challenges. She is well known for her “Vadinoan Theories”, including her exhortation to “release your dolphins” and her firm belief that we should never wait until we are entirely happy before we laugh.

Karen is working on finishing a book or two, including a compilation of her original workshop materials and activities.


Evelyn Wotherspoon

Ms. Wotherspoon is a social worker who has devoted her career to high-risk children and families. She offers training and consultations to child welfare workers, divorcing parents, lawyers, and judges in Alberta, B.C. and NWT. Evelyn has authored papers on the needs of vulnerable infants and toddlers for a variety of publications. Evelyn has given dynamic, engaging and highly interactive presentations on infants at risk to audiences throughout the US and Canada. She has 30+ years of experience working with high-risk children and families in mental health, child development and child protection settings. She is currently in private practice.


Emma Wylde

Emma Wylde, RSW is the BElieve in YOU Program Coordinator at Sagesse, a Calgary agency that empowers organizations, individuals and communities to break the cycle of violence. Emma completed her Diploma in Social Work at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. She is an active community member involved in volunteer work to end sexual and domestic violence. Emma has found her passion working at the intersection of sexual violence, sex work, and domestic violence. Emma is dedicated to empowering people and communities to be free from violence in Alberta through her work with Sagesse.

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